Jun 23

On loan from my brother-in-law is his ZAGGfolio keyboard and cover for the iPad 2.  For all of it's advantages, typing out long blocks of text on the iPad virtual keyboard is tedious at best.  For writing lengthy emails and performing tasks such as blogging, attempting to do so via the iPad virtual keyboard simply is not practical.

I've had my eye on a ZAGG solution for awhile, but wasn't completely sold on the solution and was not ready to commit without some first-hand experience with the product.  After having used the ZAGGfolio, off and on, for roughly a week, I'm fairly impressed with the product overall.  The keyboard has a high quality feel to it, and offers a solid tactile response to the keystroke.  The key spacing and layout is quite natural to anyone comfortable touch-typing on a smaller keyboard, such as that which might be present on a sub-compact or netbook computer.  The responsiveness of the keyboard to screen interaction is really quite impressive.  I don't have a great deal of experience with Bluetooth keyboards, though I have used a number of different WiFi keyboards and found them to suffer somewhat from lag or latency.  Battery life seems to be quite good.  The integrated stand feature is designed solely for landscape orientation - there isn't a good way to leverage the stand feature in a portrait orientation.  However, with a redesigned latch system, support for portrait orientation could have been a possibility.

I have found the that latching mechanism leaves a bit to be desired.  One must position and align the cover against the keyboard properly in order to put the device into a latched position.  There may have been a better way to accomplish this, such as through the use of a magnetic closure system.  Also, after having grown so accustomed to carrying the iPad in its natural state, I can't quite get over the extra bulk and weight of the ZAGGfolio.  For most who do use a shell or one of the bulkier rubberized covers, the ZAGG would not likely seem an issue.

Overall, I'm quite pleased with the product.  Like nearly every iPad cover (keyboard or not), the cost continues to amaze me, and the ZAGGfolio is no exception.  At approximately $100, I would strongly consider buying used on eBay, and likely wouldn't pay more than $65 to $75 for it...

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May 28

Writing this via the new Yahoo Axis browser on my iPad 2.  There are some intriguing features which make Axis appear to stand out from both Safari and Opera.  Axis is well worth a look, especially for the Yahoo account holder.

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Oct 17
After so many iterations of functional, yet feature-poor Facebook for iPhone apps, they've finally pulled it all together (insofar as I'm concerned) to release an app that puts the depth and complexity of the administration of ones account onto the mobile platform. Long a major miss for someone who follows their FB feed on a mobile device exclusively, I'm thrilled to finally see a much richer overall UI, user experience, all of the administrative features, and I dare say, performance.

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Feb 5

Looking for the latest and greatest in the genre of Hipstamatic, I've recently found Instagram.  Like others, this mobile photo post-production app is namely about the application of filters which endeavor to add a certain character to the image, thus giving the photos the appearance of having been shot in the 60's and 70's on low-grade photog equipment.

As of version 1.12.1, there are 15 different filters to choose from, each yielding one pleasant effect, or another - ranging from a greyscale conversion to yellowed and weathered with degraded border.  Applying filters is incredibly easy - take a photo within the app, or select one from your existing roll, size and center the image as-needed, apply the filter of your choice, and save the image.  The "save" process does three things - saves the filtered image to your camera roll (as a new image), pushes your image to your Instagram account, and gives the option to push the image (or a notification) to one or more of a number of different social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc).  One can configure their Instagram account as "private" to prevent the world from viewing their photos.  Also, I've since discovered a process workaround whereby a filter can be applied to a photo, and the photo saved back to the camera roll, but where no push occurs to any configured account (including Instagram).  Quite simply, choose your photo, apply your filter, and at the screen where you would normally tap "next" save and push your photo, instead tap "back" and exit the application.  You'll find that your filtered photo is saved to your camera roll, but not pushed to Instagram or any of your configured networking sites/accounts.

Enough of the technical - what I find amazing is the degree of artistry exhibited by the Instagram community as I browse albums.  Where one might expect to find a great deal of garbage, subjects of questionable nature, and so on, instead the content is amazingly clean, and the apparent skill of Instagrammers world-wide astounds me.  Now, it should be assumed that not all photos taken were done so via the iPhone (remember, Instagram has access to your camera roll, which can be populated with any jpg image via upload); however, I'm giving the benefit of the doubt and tend to believe that most photos taken by the Instagram community are done so via the iPhone.  Under the circumstances, this subject has to be a major consideration in context of the future direction of photography - it would be interested to hear an open-minded veteran professional's opinion on how this type of mobile post-production app is having (and will continue to have) on the future of photography.

Now, Instagram is not without its shortcomings - album browsing is tedious at best, making the "most popular" list the only realistic way to simply browse photos/albums.  There is a tag search, but the effectiveness is highly dependent on the author's diligence in tagging, and is a marginal attempt at addressing casual browsing.

What's next in my world for Instagram?  Well, the company has just announced plans to release their first official rev of Instagram API - I've already cast my bid for access, and fully intend to build a simple feed for S9Y, and I can't wait, because I'm addicted to this silly app! Cool

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Jan 22

I have a renewed appreciation for watch makers having just completed an iPhone 4 tear down for screen replacement.

From memory, I recall on the order of 25 micro-screws that hold the contraption together.  Though beautiful in its simplicity, having one two external screws, all the rest are buried in layer upon layer of intricate internals.

I used this video as my guide and found it to be very accurate aside from one extra shield in place which rest beneath the battery connector and secures the speaker connector.  I took it slow and easy - dis-assembly was roughly a 20 minute endeavor.  Reassembly took about 45 minutes.

There was a valuable lesson learned in this exercise.  It's hard to find a source of truth on this topic, so let this be it...  The iPhone 4's multilayer screen (glass + digitizer + lcd + backlight) is, for all intents and purposes, a sealed unit - and while you can purchases a glass + digitizer unit, I'm not convinced that any amount of reasonable effort will release the lcd + backlight from the screen which is being replaced.  You can trust me on this - I tried a number of things to break the bond between lcd and digitizer and was nowhere near successful.  Now, you can purchase the lcd + backlight to accompany a separate glass + digitizer, but I'm not sure that there is really any logic in such an approach.  Better to shell out the $100 and get the fully assembled sealed unit - you'll thank me in the end.  (Note: I think, but am not certain, that the iPhone 3 series did not have a bonded screen assembly - in other words, you could replace just the glass + digitizer, which makes it a much cheaper proposition.)

Another tip - don't bother purchasing separately, or going out of your way to purchase a screen replacement kit which includes the (less than) handy tools.  Since the glass screen is probably broken anyway, the plastic prying tools aren't all that necessary as you won't be too worried about lifting the glass screen without damaging it.  Plus, you'll probably find that the screwdrivers are a size or two too large to fit the tiny screws properly.  Do yourself a favor and pick up a decent set of jewelers screwdrivers, and look for a set that contains at least a size 00 philips.  I picked up this kit by General - it wasn't cheap, but I'll have it for the rest of my life, and I'll use it frequently enough (mfg # 63518):

General Tools mfg#63518

I'm including a picture of the actual phone in its fully torn-down state.  Notice the pen and tweezers for perspective as compared to the tiny little screws in the ramekin.

iPhone 4 Tear Down

I should point out - the screws in the ramekin are organized...per the video, which breaks dis-assembly down into logical steps, I grouped the screws as a removed them in a counter-clockwise fashion so that I could easily determine which screws went where as there are at least eight different sizes as I recall.

In the end, I wouldn't recommend this project to someone who lacks patience and steady hands - good eyes are a benefit too. Cool

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Jul 31

Tonight I updated from the 3.x to 4.0.1 iPhone OS.  These kinds of exercises are nerve wracking given it takes so little to render the phone a paper weight.  Granted it's better now, conducting the exercise with an iPhone, than it ever could have hoped to be with the old HTC Apache where OS updates were hacks at best.

A couple of quick observations on the 4.0.1 update...

First, they mean what they say when stating that data will be lost - this includes photos, music, txt's, email, custom ring tones, and the related.  This does not include configuration data such as email accounts, stocks, weather (cities), and various other settings.  Preserved data includes contacts, notes, and browser favorites and history.

The UI has seen some very minor updates - just enough to be noticeable.  Also, and it may just be an illusion, or due to the reboot, but the UI does feel snappier.  Long term results to-be-seen.

The mail app has a nice addition in the form of a consolidated inbox - great for those of us pulling mail from multiple accounts.

The camera app now tags photos with location, and the album leverages this feature with a map-view of photos taken.  This is kind of cool, and could actually be practical.

There is sure to be more, but these are the most obvious features I've noticed in my five minute tour of 4.0.1.

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May 23

If there's one embedded iPhone app that Apple didn't do well, it's got to be the Voice Memo app.  While simple in design, and usable in principle, it lacks the usability that ultimately renders it a challenge to use.  I would submit that a voice memo app is intended mostly for quick, on-the-fly comments where keying-in the same is not practical and/or not safe.  For instance, when that great closing line for the big presentation comes to mind while sitting at a stop light.  This is where I need an app that reigns supreme in intuitive and purposeful UI.  Despite having committed a reasonable amount of time to familiarizing myself with the embedded voice memo UI, I still find that it is not very intuitive, and frustrating to use when hurried and with minimal attention to spare.

How could it be improved - quite simple really.  Provide the user with a single screen-filling button that emulates the standard "VCR" symbol set.  I launch the app, see a big green "arrow" button, press to start recording, am provided a big red "square" button, press to stop recording.

I did a minimal amount of hunting to see what alternatives are available, because when you need a functional mission critical app, you need it - even if it is low-use.  Again, not much research went into this, but I did stumble across SpeakEasy Voice Recorder by Zarboo Software.  Based on the screen shots, this app is getting close to my ideal simply based on the fact that it features clear, very large record, stop, and playback buttons.  Other conceivably usable features include categorization of voice memos, and the ability to title each memo.  Of lesser importance (to me) are associating images with recordings, and sound effects.  One other nice feature - the ability to set recording quality.

Sensitive to the on-the-fly scenario, SpeakEasy also supports an auto-save feature invoked post-recording by simply pressing the home button.  As I write this, I can see myself buying SpeakEasy in the very near future.

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May 17

I just spotted this article on Mashable via the Google news aggregator.  I'll be interested in the findings of the associated survey - "Who would win in a fight: QWERTY or virtual keyboards?".

I carry both the iPhone and a Blackberry Bold.  While I feared the virtual keyboard experience of the iPhone going into ownership, and in fact, was one of the key factors that caused me so much deliberation before making my final decision in favor of the iPhone, the overall user experience and flexibility of the platform, plus proven solid functionality won me over.  I'm pleased now to report that I'm quite a proficient virtual keyboard user.  Though not as fast in sheer WPM as I was on the HTC Apache (and this was the only thing good about owning an Apache), I dare say that I'm at roughly 85%, if not higher.  Keep in mind the Apache has comparably large keys, and that one is always typing in landscape, whereas most of my routine data entry on the iPhone is done in portrait using decidedly smaller virtual keys.  An interesting test would include a landscape to landscape comparison with predictive typing features disabled - just a straight-up WPM + accuracy comparison between the two.

Now, as mentioned, I do carry a BB Bold for work.  I've given it a fair shake - didn't want to launch into a comparison prematurely.  Bottom line - I'm that much more pleased with my decision toward the iPhone for personal use, and while I could have opted for the BB and committed to carrying one phone only, and even had the option to port my personal account to the corporate one, I simply can't see giving up the iPhone for it richness and overall utility.  Back to the topic at-hand...I find data entry on the BB just this side of excruciating.  On the Bold, the keys are miniaturized and profiled to the point where they are very nearly pain-inflicting.  I have relatively long, small (diameter), nimble and strong fingers - really the ideal typing hands, especially for today's mobile keyboards.  These are the same hands that fear-not major construction projects, heavy duty yard work, cooking, and fine scale modeling alike.  All of that, and the BB Bold still proves a mediocre platform at-best for data entry.

So, I'll be watching the results of the Mashable survey closely, but casting my vote for the virtual keyboard based on current experience and the likelihood that I'll never get an Apache keyboard built into an iPhone without turning the iPhone into a heavy, clumsy, un-elegant brick.

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Mar 15

In the quest to find the better iPhone XBMC remote, I landed at RoboHippo.  This is it for me - HippoRemote Pro has proven to be all that I require of an XMBC remote control software for the iPhone platform.  Using a system of profiles (not unlike Air Mouse), HippoRemote can be extended using purpose-built skins specific to as many of the common apps as I've found need to control.  In particular, the profile designed specific for use with XBMC is ultra-simple and very intuitive - a must in my mind as simplicity rules the day when it comes to efficient, effective device remotes - especially important since the iPhone is offers no tactile clues.

Some nice features built into the XBMC profile include easy toggling between a navigation pad (ArrowPad) and play controls (PlayPad).  The PlayPad includes volume control which is huge in my mind.  HippoRemote supports the iPhone proximity detector so that laying the phone face-down shuts off the screen without having to close it.  Another very nice feature - launching a profile for an app which isn't already started, starts the app.

Altogether, I haven't found yet a feature that I want for.

The one thing I would do better - let the server-side branded WinVNC optionally install itself as a service.  RoboHippo provides instructions for doing this on the their site if you don't know how to set it up this way on your own, but automating this as part of an installer would be nice.  In fact, installing the service is truly as simple as launching the WinVNC client, right-clicking on the object in the system tray, and choosing "install as service" - easy, but something I still wish I had the option for at install-time.

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Mar 12

This was an app that I wanted to have good things to say about.- the reality is that there probably are plenty of good things to say about it, I simply haven't the patience to get past my initial need for Air Mouse as an XBMC controller.

I purchased Air Mouse Pro (ver 2.0.1) with the intent of leveraging a device which I've already invested in, and which is with my all the time anyway, as my Revo tactile UI and XBMC remote control.  I've had my eye on the iPazzPort, even more-so since finding the Bluetooth version available via "EFO" for only $60.  However, getting back to the point about maximizing my investment, and so on, going the iPhone app route made sense.

Air Mouse communicates over wifi and is very cool in that it does as its name implies - it's an "air mouse" or accelerometer driven pointing device.  Tip the iPhone one way, the mouse responds accordingly.  Tip it another, the mouse responds thusly.  This sounds good in principle, however, a bit difficult to use in practice I found.

Not to fear, Air Mouse Pro allows traditional touchpad mouse movement as well, and this was fine for basic Windows navigation.  While the shortcomings around XBMC escape me at the moment, suffice it to say that there were shortcomings - enough to send me hunting for an alternative to Air Mouse.

Coupled with the difficulties around XBMC support, I found that Air Mouse was terribly taxing on battery life.  My suspicion is that the rate of communication needed to support full-time polling for accelerometer-based mouse movement was a key culprit.

Overall, the appearance of the app is quite nice.  The experience was just ok - a little too complicated and a feeling of incomplete support in the key app for which I needed it.  Regardless, it remains installed, though the server-side component has been disabled, and I will likely revisit the app on a rainy day in hope of finding some application level improvements.

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Mar 9

The LinkedIn iPhone app is the mobile front end to the highly popular business social networking site LinkedIn.com.  This is a solid app and feature rich - enough so to make it my primary LinkedIn UI.  With access to connections ("friends" in the Facebook vernacular), connnections' profiles, LinkedIn email ("in-mail"), connection updates and discussions, and the ability to set status, there are few features in the web UI that aren't adequately represented within the iPhone app.

There is one thing that I could live without, and another that is oddly missing.  1. I'm not a fan of the way in which the iPhone app announces in the regular LinkedIn email notifications that "I'm using LinkedIn for iPhone...".  Why must anybody know that I'm doing this (outside of advertisement and promotion).  I really do wish this feature could be disabled.  2. The iPhone app makes not provision for updating my profile.  While I can set status, the things I cannot do include setting my location, industry, email, website, experience, and so on.  Anything associated with my profile cannot be touched via the iPhone UI - this app would satisfy completely if one this area was accessible.

My LinkedIn public profile here.

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Mar 6

Wallet by Memengo (aka: Memengo Wallet) - this is one of many password/personal info management, or PIM apps for the iPhone available today.  I was/have been a long time KeePass user, but was disappointed to find out at the time of iPhone acquisition that there was no compatible mobile solution built around KeePass - in fact, there was one in the making, and another roughly headed that way, but nothing which could fulfill the need immediately, and which would/could manage sync'ing between the desktop and mobile clients.

Memengo pushes my comfort zone by combining web-based and mobile PIM.  It took me awhile, and a healthy dose of due diligence, to come to acceptance.  I'm happy now with Memengo, however there are still things that the KeePass client does so cleanly that lack in the Memengo web app.  My preference is toward the iPhone app as a primary UI - it is simple, well organized, and easy to use.  Clearly, for rapid data input, the web UI is the only logical choice.  However, it feels a bit of an afterthought.  I think that much could be done to brush up the appearance/data presentation layer of the web UI to really bolster the feeling of confidence that one needs to have in an app like this to commit it to use.

Now, for KeePass, "iKeepass" has recently released version 1.2 which is available in the app store.  So, it appears that there is a functional iPhone interface to KeePass PIM files available.  Likewise, "MyKeePass" is coming along and has been in and out of the app store as it reaches gets to a stable state. 

The problem is in the sync'ing between the desktop version and mobile versions - it looks like the structure to do so with MyKeePass may be there, and it may be feasible to do so today - this sounds like something which bears some additional exploration.  In the meantime, Memengo will continue as my PIM of choice.

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Mar 2

I think this was app #2 that I installed.  The myWireless app for AT&T from the mobility group gives visibility into your AT&T Wireless account - you can perform bill-pay, historic summary and detail usage look-up, current usage to-date, and can manage the addition of account features on-the-fly.  This is actually a very handy app, and really a must for managing your mobility account.

What could they do better?  Well, since it is all AT&T, why not roll uVerse account management into the app??  There happens to be a uVerse app, but covers only the entertainment aspect of the account (television programming, scheduling DVR events, etc), and not the billing/accounting aspect.  My preference would be to extend the myWireless app to include uVerse for simple billing management.

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Feb 28

Ah Facebook - my iPhone spam portal.  In fairness, the app itself is good - it is functional, organized (as well as anything associated with Facebook can be), and covers the basic Facebook experience outside of the various FB gaming and secondary social networking aspects of the web UI.  I certainly sit on he fence with regard to FB - I will typically read wall posts once each day (sometimes a little less frequently), rarely respond/contribute, and very rarely post anything about myself.  Let's just say that the novelty has long since worn off, and that I'm one of the masses in the 20/80 segment (20% of the content generated by 80% of the users) - this opposed to some folks who are clearly in the 80/20 segment.

I digress - one last interesting feature...FB supports custom icon placement within the app.  Behaving just like the iPhone desktop with regard to icon placement, the FB iPhone app allows customer ordering/positioning of icons.

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Feb 26

eBay's app for the iPhone was one of, if not the very first app that I installed.  Functional and friendly, there is little about this app that is not to be liked - above all, though, the ability to manage bidding on queued items.  Notifications alert the bidder of the final countdown and facilitate launching the app directly to the item being bid on.  Nearly full access to one's eBay account for items in active bidding, won, missed, etc make the iPhone eBay interface a very close sibling to the full-scale browser-based UI.

A strategy for more advanced search results/category filtering would be a plus...something which emulates the functionality found in the web UI.

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